South Fork River Trail Guided Hike

Join our resident nature expert, Barth Johnson, as he takes you on a guided hike along the South Fork River.

This trail is diverse. You will get some great views of the river, see some wildlife… and you may even catch families fishing and enjoying the dam area near Hwy 27 N.

Falmouth’s South Fork Trail was originally built as a means for the teachers of Southern Elementary to provide an outdoor learning experience for their students. There is an area in the first quarter mile of the trail that reflects this purpose. In a clearing, several benches are arranged in rows, certainly enough room for a class of small children to sit, and space in front of these benches where it is easy to imagine a teacher presiding over an outdoor lesson. The trail originally began right at the school, and meandered through the woods and came out behind a storage barn on the county fair grounds. It was not a long trail, but it served its purpose.

The area by the dam has been paved and a picnic table has been placed there.

This is currently a two mile out and back trail.

The South Fork Trail is a delightful trail that showcases some of Pendleton County’s extraordinary natural beauty. The trail’s relative ease makes it a great choice for people of all ages and fitness levels, and the improvements currently being made will make it accessible to people of all abilities.

Exerpts from an article by Melissa Redden


9am to 10:30am

*Please note*


This hike will begin at Southern Elementary and is not stroller / wheelchair accessible.  This is a fairly easy hike with lots of places to get back to the street.